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The Japanese automotive giant Honda was started by self-made and self-taught engineer turned Entrepreneur Mr. Soichiro Honda in 1948 and by 1964 Honda has evolved out into a global automotive leader from its humble beginnings in a small workshop. Soichiro Honda’s passion for excellence in engineering and technology and his thriving entrepreneurial spirit has made even the MIT acclaim him as one of the greatest mechanical engineerings in the history of mankind. That is the reason why, media often refer the man as Japanese Henry Ford and his machines as “built like a Swiss watch”.

Honda Company started making motorcycles under the cub brand name and the engine architecture is still used by many motorcycles around the world even after half a century. Today Honda has plants around the globe and is the largest engine manufacturer in the world. Cars like Hondo Civic and Accord has changed the way people travel. The Honda civic and accord models were so popular that they even became the bestselling car in America and was a nightmare to many American manufacturers. Honda’s technological innovations has spread to many areas including Robotics, CNG cars, flexi-fuel engines, hydrogen fuel cells, hybrid electrics etc.

Different cars includes Honda Accord Saloon ES, Honda Accord Saloon ES GT, Honda Accord Saloon EX, Honda Saloon EX GT, Honda Saloon Type S, Honda Accord Tourer ES, Honda Accord Tourer ES GT, Honda Accord Tourer EX, Honda Accord Tourer EX GT, Honda Accord Tourer Type S, Honda Civic Type S, Honda Civic Type S-T, Honda Civic Type S GT, Honda Civic Type S GT-T, Honda Civic SE, Honda Civic SE-T, Honda Civic Si, Honda Civic Si-T Honda Civic ES, Honda Civic ES-T, Honda Civic EX GT, Honda Civic Hybrid ES, Honda Civic EX, Honda Civic Type R GT, Honda Civic Type R Mugen 200, Honda CR-V SE, Honda CR-V SE-T, Honda CR-V ES, Honda CR-V ES-T, Honda CR-V EX, Honda CR-Z S, Honda CR-Z Sport, Honda CR-Z GT, Honda Insight SE, Honda Insight ES, Honda Insight ES-T, Honda Jazz S, Honda Jazz Si, Honda Jazz S-T, Honda Jazz SE, Honda Jazz SE-T, Honda Jazz ES, Honda Jazz ES-T, Honda Jazz EX, Honda Jazz EX-T.




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