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Founded in 1950, in Spain, Seat is now a part of Volkswagen Group of Germany. Seat‘s initial models were rebadged models of Fiat. From such humble beginnings Seat has grown to the status of a major car manufacturer with indigenous design house, research and development departments. Seat has their head quarters located at Matorell in Spain and the Matorell plant makes most of the Seats for domestic markets as well as export markets.

Like many other car makers, Seat too has their share of pie when it comes to motorsports. However their entry as a 10 year old car maker in 1960 raised the eyebrows of sceptical. But time proved Seat right with numerous achievements in rallying and racing circuits and even their present owners, Volkswagen, consider Seat as their prominent motorsport brand. Seat cars evolved to the present status after being tried, tested and proven by the best drivers and the demanding and punishing rally/race circuits.

Not only performance but also efficiency, reliability and innovation have been Seat’s forte. Seat’s ecomotive ranges of cars are typical examples for the brand’s love for Mother Nature. Seat Ibiza Ecomotive has won numerous accolades for its frugality and has the title of the most fuel efficient car. Seat has readied an exciting range, to meet the customer expectation ,which includes Seat Ibiza SC, Seat Ibiza 5DR, Seat IbizaST, Seat Leon, Seat Altea, Seat Altea XL, Seat Exeo, Seat Exeo ST, and Seat Alhambra.




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