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Saab is the automobile manufacturing division of Swedish Airplane Limited. The air craft industry connection of the brand makes the performance attribute of Saab indisputable. Since incorporation, Saab pioneered in the areas of innovation, performance, turbo charging, eco friendliness, designs, aerodynamics and efficiency. This urge to excel in every possible areas of car manufacturing made the brand the preferred steed of the Royal family of its native land, Sweden.

Saab was founded in 1947 at Trollhattan and has global operations. The company operates from many parts of the world, with major plant locations at Australia, US and Mexico besides Trollhattan. Saab set the automotive world on fire with one of its early models Saab 92. The lessons learned from the aerospace operations helped the company to build this iconic model with radical design, reliable engine and a coefficient of drag as low as 0.3 which can make the present day designers spellbound. Remember, it was in 1949, when car designers were not so worried about aerodynamic designs for a four seater road going car. The spectacular success of Saab 92 didn’t made the boffins at Saab relax, but encouraged them to bring up something even better. The result was Saab 93, designed by Swedish industrial engineering wizard, Sixten Sason.

Every success brings with it more sense of responsibility and the drive to work harder, has been Saab’s philosophy since early years. This spirit made Saab a sought after name in automotive world. Their present range includes Saab 93 sport wagon, Saab93 saloon, Saab 93 convertible, Saab93 X, Saab95 Estate, and Saab 95 Saloon.




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