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Land rover  designed by Wilks brothers in 1948,started its life as a model  of Rover.The car had exceptionally high off road ability , corrosion resistant body, sturdy chassis and a built to last feel.
The   best four by four by far, soon became a brand and then emerged into a company producing only 4wd vehicles. Land rovers command massive street presence with their masculine and robust designs , unparallel off road ability.
Land rovers initial models like Series I ,Series II  were no frills off roaders . They took the reputation of the company to new heights and placed Land rover to mother of all SUV status. Even rivals speak about Land rover with great reverence. Land rover , with its luxury iterations like Range rover  has established a new category among all terrain vehicles. Range rover combines the entire off road virtues of Land rover along with interiors that can put some presidential suites to shame. Thus the once king of offroaders has extended his kingdom to a more desirable territory of luxury SUVs.
Land rovers are still a big favourite among military troops, cross country exploits, rallyists and civilian users who wants something to  unleash their off road expedition dreams. Land rover, now a part of Tata Motors, makes cars in various price ranges and options to meet the needs of a wide range of buyers. Current models include Land rover Defender, Land rover Freelander 2, Land rover Discovery, Range rover and Range rover Sport.




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